Review Policy

Hello! Thank you for finding Death Books and Tea. Please note,  I live in the UK. Also- I am currently not accepting review requests OR promo spots at the moment unless I have worked with you before and/or I am very excited for your book. Sorry!

Death Books and Tea has been running since February 2011.

I read YA in all genres.
Things I particularly enjoy in books include fantasy, horror. debate provoking books, steampunk, LGBTQ , fairy tales and classics, and mythology.

I read adult books in the above genres. 

I will not review erotica. 

I accept print books, PDFs and kindle files. 

If you would like to do a  guest post or giveaway or something, say. I'll agree (almost always) if you give me an idea to go with. I'm not that imaginative.

If you want something done in a specific time frame, tell me.  Otherwise there'll be a long long wait.

E-copies will NEVER be distributed. They get read, reviewed and deleted.

Physical finished copies may be passed on as part of the UK Book Passing On thing I have going on, unless you tell me I can't.. Sorry, I just can't keep every single book I get!

Physical ARCs may be passed on after the release date but not before.

Physical books will never be sold for profit. I do not make money off ANY part of my blogging.

All reviews are completely honest.

Reviews will be cross posted to Amazon and Goodreads some day.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

If you’re still interested, please contact us at